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casting of Final Fantasy IX is just unique. We have a little girl with a horn, dressed up as Mugle the rat lady, who is also a dragon ….

And then there’s Quinn.

Shack is a funny duck, even by the standards of this game, it’s a duck that swims with piranhas looking for lunch.

The food part of this metaphor may be a bit of an exaggeration, as Quina literally joins the party to travel the world in search of new food. You will find these new products in the form of various monsters that the team encounters.

Quina has the always interesting Eat command (/weird/weird/potentially painful), which kills most enemies instantly by devouring them if their HP is less than 1/8 of maximum.

Besides pure horror, eating an enemy teaches Quina her blue spells. And if you’re looking for recommendations for the best blue magic in the game, you’re on the right list.

Here are some of the best snacks for your yacht Q resident:

12. Powerful guard

Mighty Guard is a crazy skill to learn early.

She throws a protection and a shell over your party.

Normally, these spells must be cast one at a time, meaning that it takes at least eight turns for the entire team to shine.

How to get there: A powerful guard eats an enemy snake located in the same part of the world map as the Quin swamp.

11. Matra Magic

Matra Magic is very useful when it works.

This spell instantly resets the HP of target 1. The downside is that it only has 20% success and n’t work on bosses. Otherwise he would have been much higher on the list.

If one can forgive one bad success, this saying makes the search for other dishes for Quina much less painful.

How to get there: Matra Magic learns of the existence of dragonflies in Claira’s chest, as well as in Gisamaluk’s Groot.

10. Angel Snack

Angel’s Snack is useful because it can cure most of your team’s diseases at once, but at the cost of 4 heals.

This skill is useful for learning the almighty spell Halitosis, which consists of fighting the terrifying Marlborough.

This is also very useful against bosses who like to bomb the whole group. Like, for example, Nekron.

How to get there: The Ironites in Burmees have you covered!

9. White wind

White Wind is a great healing spell at the beginning and end of the game, as it heals your entire team for 1/3 of Quina’s maximum power.

Since the only healing option is the Flight Wind provided by Freya (at the time this spell became available), it is strongly recommended that you learn it as soon as possible.

It’s also very useful at the end of the game, as Quina has a respectable HP increase by the end of disc 3, making her a real bargain at the end of the game and allowing you to actively heal through a series of tougher bosses.

How to get there: Zuu’s enemies are in Claira’s vault, assuming you’re not sent first.

8. Lv3 Def- less than

More situational than most spells, Lv3 Def-less lowers the defense of opponents whose defense is a multiple of 3.

It doesn’t look like it.

However, the Jans have reached level 72 by the end of the game, making this skill a godsend for those looking to catch up before the final game, or more likely for Ozma.

How to get there: This spell was found by Lamias in the cave of Gisamaluca.

7. 1000 needles

Probably the easiest spell in the game, it does exactly 1000 damage per move.

1,000 damages is certainly a lot for Kina.

But catching him at the first opportunity will completely melt down the tougher fights he’s available for. And it is (most likely) in the desert palace of Kudzha.

How to get there: The cacti, of course. Located in the Donna Plains on the outer continent.

6. Night

This spell is like a double-edged sword, as it puts all enemies and allies to sleep at once.

But if your allies suffer from insomnia or have automatic support capabilities, Nightfall can quickly turn the tide.

The ability to automatically heal for the duration of the fight can save ships and MP items to heal. Or, if you have a tougher encounter with the Insomniac team, you can take as many hits as you want.

How to get there: On the Outer Continent, at Madain Sari, there are enemy nymphs who carry this spell.

5. Disappearance

Disappearance makes the character completely immune to physical attacks.

Considering how hard the action is from bosses like Anlion, being immune to physical damage is pretty good.

Of course, it wears off over time. Or if you were hit by a spell while invisible.

How to get there: Vice in Burma.

4. Magic Hammer

Magic Hammer has the special ability to inflict random damage between 0 and the target’s current MP, but this spell inflicts MP damage.

This makes them very useful, as you can use luck and/or stamina to completely zero in on enemies and heavy MP bosses.

Earth Guardian Warden is one of the few battles where Quina is a mandatory element.

Magic Hammer allows you to completely forgo boss casting options to deal with these unfortunate earthquakes.

How to get there: The magical vice, also in Burma!

3. Auto-Life

This spell is a potential trick card against certain bosses.

He resurrects an ally once with 1 HP if knocked out.

Of course, it only works the first time. But it may be enough if your healers can keep up.

The best use of auto-life, however, is to use it on Quina, as it can be used to build the next blue spell on our list .

How to get there: Auto-Life can be learned from the carrion worms in Claira’s trunk.

2. Glove limit value

This spell is one of the best in the game, period.

If Quina is deployed with 1HP, he suffers 9,999 damage.

While this is only very indirectly related to the 1HP condition, if Quina stays on the verge of death, it could turn a few old bosses into little more than a speed bump.

How to get there: Axebeak, at Lindblom Castle, will teach you this spell.

1. Falling frogs

Almost anyone who has invested in Quina can probably tell you why this spell comes first.

The damage caused by falling frogs is based on the Quina level multiplied by the number of captured frogs.

With the judicious use of Swamp Frogs and an appropriate amount of shredding, this spell deals 9,999 damage.

The investment takes time, but the absence of glove limits to 1HP is the advantage of this lot.

Frog Drop will be an absolutely trivial endgame if you take the time to understand the game.

But unlike Zidan’s thief or Freya’s dragon lair, this spell can literally be learned in the second lair.

How to get there: Gigantoads, mid March from Koo after recruiting Quina !

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Can Quina eat Gisamaluke?

The predator can’t eat the monster, so don’t try it, but use it to heal.

How do I get Quinn to HP?

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