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10 Times Marvel TV Shows Fit With MCU Continuity (And 10 Times They Ignored It)

10 Times Marvel TV Shows Fit With MCU Continuity (And 10 Times They Ignored It)

After ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created an enormous community of movies and tv exhibits with a shared continuity. The declaration of one thing being a part of the MCU is a nod to put on this wider continuity. If Marvel comics happen, primarily, on one among aircraft of Marvel’s multiverse, then all the exhibits and movies of the MCU happen on one other. This formidable idea has made it needed for the occasions that happen in a single film or episode to exist within the background of all different films or episodes.

Positive, this enables for fan bait and steady summer time sequels, nevertheless it’s additionally an try at a bigger type of serialized storytelling. When one walks into a comic book store, and sees all of the Marvel titles on the wall, it’s presumed that all the occasions are happening principally concurrently in actual time. There is a presence and immediacy that comics and the subscription gross sales mannequin have grown into superbly. As a reader, this opens increasingly doorways within the creativeness; making an attempt to attach occasions between comics, or studying one thing and questioning how one other title will react to it, is a part of the enjoyable.

By connecting the exhibits and films even nearer collectively, followers of each might be exponentially excited by the myriad crossover potential of their favourite characters. It’s all one universe, nevertheless it’s not all the time so simple as that.

Listed here are 10 Times Marvel TV Shows Fit With MCU Continuity (And 10 Times They Ignored It)


The Avengers, directed and written by Joss Whedon united the superteam and concurrently launched audiences to what it may be like when the superhero style is absolutely realized on the large display. The last word showdown in that film’s climax confirmed a gaggle of heroes defending the planet from their house in New York Metropolis.

The TV aspect of the MCU references The Battle of New York regularly in every of the Netflix exhibits and Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It is principally as a reference level to exhibit the tradition shift in a world the place superpowered beings and the cosmic unknown at the moment are a part of every day life. Typically these references are barely greater than off-handed feedback, nevertheless it does go to show the connection between TV and the films. It additionally serves as a helpful timeline reference.


He’s solely been within the universe for 2 seasons, however of all of the Netflix Defenders, Luke Cage no less than ought to be approached to work with the Avengers., Just like the best way Tony Stark scouted Spider-Man.

It looks like a obtrusive omission on the staff’s behalf to overlook this extremely powered hero who’s develop into a Harlem phenomenon.

Between Cage’s excessive invulnerability and tremendous power, he’s undoubtedly as highly effective as some members already on the group, and he’s an area man, so no less than they need to attain out.

Now, the primary few occasions they ask, Luke Cage ought to flip them down. He’s by no means been a lot of a group participant. Perhaps someday sooner or later, although.


Nick Fury, delivered to life, and again to life, by Samuel L. Jackson, was final seen summoning Captain Marvel to help within the Thanos invasion, however earlier than that, he was additionally a key a part of the delivery of Marvel’s Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D.

He solely appeared in two episodes – first to set Agent Phil Coulson, Clark Gregg, on his mission, then to bail him out as soon as Grant Ward’s evil plan throws the group into flux.

The cameo felt just a little gimmicky, however it was nonetheless Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg, so it recalled The Avengers film.

There are not any rumors of Jackson’s return to that present, however Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. has developed a robust following, partially due to that hyperlink to the films.


It’s an enormous world, even inside New York Metropolis, however the crossover between these main legal occasions isn’t fairly the place it ought to be.

When the Hand infiltrated the excessive rises of Manhattan, and Alexandra launched her assault on the town in Netflix’s Defenders miniseries, her staff brought on an earthquake and tried to excavate mystical power for a superb whereas earlier than she was came upon.

The Avengers group is in full disarray at this level within the timeline, understandably, however Physician Unusual appeared conspicuously absent.

Unusual is the Sorcerer Supreme for Earth, he lives blocks away, and he was utterly absent throughout a serious magical occasion in his city.


Taking after the Agent Phil Coulson mannequin of show-building, Marvel subsequent spun off Agent Peggy Carter into her personal present. Taking the character that first endeared followers on display in Captain America, Agent Carter expanded on her position within the conflict effort and as an early progenitor of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The present was peppered with references to characters and know-how that might someday seem within the MCU’s timeline on the large display, in addition to that includes characters who had appeared in The First Avenger.

For its whole eighteen episodes, Agent Carter reminded followers why superheroes have been invented within the first place, and demonstrated an instance of how these tales are timeless.


Whereas they’re already working fairly nicely individually, the truth that three of the highest scientists within the MCU haven’t met and labored collectively is simply unlucky.

If S.H.I.E.L.D. ever reconnects with the Avengers, Agent Leo Fitz (engineering) and Agent Jemma Simmons (biochemistry) might be of nice help to any of Tony Stark’s works in progress. On the very least, they might match him for laboratory banter.

To take issues a step additional, Shuri, Princess of Wakanda is one other character who would play amazingly off the tv duo.

Consider all of the plot units that might be rationalized by having that a lot mind energy in a single laboratory.


Beneath Marvel Studios’ watchful gaze, Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D has, at occasions, labored as a narrative farm for the bigger MCU, dropping in so many references and Easter eggs, that it writes continuity forward of the film plots.

The Kree species have been launched in season three of the present, however in the newest season, Agent Coulson and his staff have confronted off towards the alien species to guard the farming of Earth’s Inhuman inhabitants.

It’s unknown if that storyline, briefly wrapped up, will hook up with the Kree-Skrull Conflict within the Captain Marvel film, however S.H.I.E.L.D. Brokers Nick Fury and Phil Coulson are reported to be on the forged listing for the ’90s interval piece, so slowly the MCU’s subsequent film will take one other step towards cross-medium collaboration.


It’s early within the story of Runaways on Hulu, however a connection to the current day MCU was sorely missing within the first season’s ten episodes.

There was an abundance of Marvel Easter eggs, however the present stored its distance from any acknowledgement of the Avengers or occasions because the Battle of New York.

The studio has stated this was an intentional selection, nevertheless it’s nonetheless jarring. On the planet the place superpowers are widespread place, every part would react to these occasions. In any other case, after New Warriors and the subsequent Avengers group, the query turns into: what number of totally different 18-35 yr previous tremendous teams can the MCU drive across the bumper automotive course with out crashing them into each other?


The Sokovia Accords, enacted in Captain America: Civil Struggle, have been a permeating plot system ever since.

The Accords have stored Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the run for a pair seasons, making an attempt to guard Inhumans who’re being focused. 

Jessica  Jones referenced the anti-superhero sentiment because the protagonist’s battle with discrimination, with the Sokovia Accords enjoying an element in briefly threatening her with jail time.

That is the sort of wide-ranging occasion that the MCU wants, however past a handy reference and a darkish, ominous menace, the Sokovia Accords appear unlikely to have any actual ramifications going ahead, in movies or TV.


Luke Cage isn’t the primary superpowered robust man to brawl on the streets of Harlem. Within the early days of the MCU’s formation, the Hulk acquired into considered one of his most horrible brawls in that very neighborhood within the film The Unimaginable Hulk (2008).

Basic Thaddeus Ross and particular operative Emil Blonsky pursue a fugitive Bruce Banner, however are thwarted by his power till a cocktail of Tremendous Soldier Serum and Banner’s personal blood mix to show Blonsky into the Abomination.

The Hulk and the Abomination had a vicious battle throughout Harlem.

One would assume that’s the sort of factor individuals may speak about in Luke Cage, which options that neighborhood and its historical past with superheroes. 


Season 4 of Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced on a model of the Ghost Rider as a recurring character. Gabriel Luna performs Robbie Reyes, unlikely recipient of the Spirit of Vengeance, who was an anti-heroic foil to Daisy, Coulson, and the remainder of the group. 

Little was defined about his powers, however all turned clear when he summoned portals to different places.

The identical sparking circle of power surrounds the doorway that followers have seen within the Physician Unusual film.

The truth that the visuals are so comparable can’t be an accident. On this thrilling connection, the TV aspect of the MCU has provided up one thing to the continuity that hasn’t been explored but, special approach for some basic characters.


Whereas his casting in Captain Marvel tells followers that Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson will make a gentle return to the large display MCU within the ’90s, within the current day timeline, the Avengers are underneath the impression that the Agent Coulson is lengthy gone.

Now, that is beneath strict orders from Fury to remain out of the general public eye, however sooner or later, it’s obtained to be addressed that Coulson has been faking his passing and hiding it from his pals for nearly ten years.

His current change of circumstance on the present may make this drawback a bit of simpler to wash up, however if Coulson ultimately does make a full return to the MCU movies, holding the present and the films separate can be extra difficult.


Along with the Battle of New York and the Sokovia Accords, the opposite creeping vine surrounding the MCU is Roxxon Company.

It was most just lately within the Cloak and Dagger collection, however Daredevil, Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter, and even Iron Fist all point out Roxxon. It’s a puppet conglomerate, controlling a good portion of the felony enterprise that takes place of their respective cities.

The Roxxon Oil Company, a basic Iron Man foe, has additionally appeared within the background of that movie franchise.

Aside from functioning as a political and monetary energy supply, the villain hasn’t but made its mark on the MCU, however it’s completely positioned to take action.


Perhaps they’ve simply been biding their time, however whereas the Inhumans, genetically reengineered from Terrigenesis, have been flourishing on tv with two exhibits, one profitable, the opposite, much less so, Marvel Studios hasn’t opted to incorporate their story in any of the films.

Making a cinematic universe with an interconnected continuity won’t ever get trickier than when Marvel tries to juggle TV and films for the Inhumans and the X-Males, nevertheless it raises questions when your complete meta species is omitted of any dialog amongst the highest degree of superheroes.

Every little thing doesn’t need to be related all the time, however the channels need to be open for creators to work in the entire universe. Reserve it for future phases.


Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. dipped yet one more toe within the communal character pool when Woman Sif, as performed by Jamie Alexander, made an look on two episodes of the key agent spin-off. Her mission, chasing a Kree warrior, introduced her to Earth. 

Mixing these two bigger parts alludes to a a lot bigger story deliberate, perhaps alongside Thor: The Darkish World, nevertheless it clearly by no means labored out.

This crossover is so direct that the actor is a precise carry from the film.

Regardless of so many feedback on the contrary, there are creators inside the Marvel machine who need to see the entire sandbox play collectively.


Apologists will probably be fast to level out that Avengers: Infinity Conflict got here out after most up-to-date seasons of Marvel exhibits have been already aired or at the very least properly after they’ve gone into manufacturing. One telephone name might have given showrunners a heads up that this large occasion is coming. 

The one present that talked about it was Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D., whose characters have been conveniently off planet for the battle with Thanos.

In all probability, the occasions of Infinity Struggle – if they’re even left as a part of the timeline and never erased from existence – will grow to be the subsequent delicate joke or remark that acts because the exhibits’ solely connection to the broader world of Marvel.


One of many newest parts to be picked up and by chance crossed over into Marvel tv is Hammer Tech. Most lately seen in Luke Cage season one, Hammer Industries was the weapons producer who tailored Chitauri weapons for road resale, as soon as Diamondback and Cottonmouth acquired ahold of them, they turned Luke’s drawback.

Earlier than that, Hammer Industries, and Justin Hammer himself made his debut to the MCU in Iron Man 2. After dropping a army contract to Stark Industries, Hammer, performed by Sam Rockwell, enlists the help of Ivan Vulko, Whiplash, performed by Michael Rourke, to remove Tony Stark. Everybody loves a superb easter egg, however one has to marvel how for much longer the trope of the faceless, evil, company can run with out being up to date for contemporary financial anger. How does a company character generate emotion?


Stephen Unusual isn’t the most effective position mannequin for a hero in determined want of maturity, however between he and Luke Cage, Danny Rand can be on a brand new monitor. Unusual and Cage would get off on the horrible foot, however over time the 2 would study to respect their mutual incomprehension of every others’ worlds.

Daredevil and Physician Unusual would conflict probably the most over the management of the workforce. It might be refreshing for Jessica Jones and Unusual to get alongside. They’re each individuals who actually don’t care what others assume. They wouldn’t be the primary to bond over sarcastic indifference.


As throwaway as they could appear, all of these one liners and references to “big green guys” and “Captain America the ridiculous boy scout,” are all additions to the vocabulary in a world the place superheroes and=supernatural occasions are potential.

Aliens, creatures, applied sciences, intentions, schemes, organic phenomenon – it’s a loopy world for these TV characters to reside in, however referencing makes it really feel extra actual to the viewer.

Normalizing this stuff via conversations affected by Easter eggs and super-speak goes a massive means towards suspending the viewers’s disbelief much more. The extra often characters are talking casually explosions and invasions, he extra pure the world will appear.


On the web page, phrases may be moved round virtually as simply as concepts; any characters with any circumstance can run off into the sundown and have adventures. On the large display, the place characters are properties, adventures are investments, and circumstances are legal guidelines, issues aren’t as straightforward to maneuver round.

If there’s an enormous Netflix/Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover with an Agent Carter flashback, after which Captain America is available in to wrap all of it up, who says how that goes? Who places that undertaking collectively? Is it the Netflix manufacturing staff? Kevin Feige? A Whedon brother?

Think about the finger pointing if it went poorly. Then, in any case of that, half the followers hate it, so the entire tasks goes down as a failure. It is an accountability nightmare. Perhaps at some point, although.

What’s your favourite Marvel TV/film crossover? Tell us within the feedback!

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