10 Japanese Anime Absolutely Watch This T

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Summer is synonymous with sunshine and warmth, but it is also a release period for Japanese anime This year, 35 new animated series were announced, not including movies, FVOs and special episodes. To see a little more clearly in all these releases, the site Nautiljon asked its readers to vote for the anime they expected the most.

10/ fire force (365 votes)

After the success of the manga, Fire Force published since 2015, finally makes its debut in the world of the animated series thanks to the animation studio David Production. The story tells us the story of Shinra, a firefighter engaged in the Fire Force, a brigade that fights against a strange phenomenon: spontaneous human combustions. Fire Force will arrive on July 5th.

9/ Violet Evergarden Gaiden (378 votes)

Despite a release scheduled for September 6th in Japan, apart from the fact that it will be produced by Kyoto Animation we have very little information about the film, or even if it will be translated for the French market. If not and you speak Japanese, you may be interested in the story, taken from a Light Novel (an equivalent to the novel).

The film will be based on one of the stories from the main plot of Violet Evergarden which tells us about the creation of Auto Memories Dolls. These dolls were originally designed by a scientist to help his blind wife write her novels. Later, another group of people will decide to take over the concepts of these dolls, integrating additional capabilities, including military.

8/ Given (379 votes)

Music lovers will also get their anime this summer thanks to Given. The story tells of the encounter betweenRitsuka Uenoyama, a high school student who has lost all passion for the guitar, andMafuyu Sato, looking for help to repair his guitar and learn how to play it. Reluctant, Uenoyama finally introduces him to his group and then, everything changes when he hears Mafuyu singingfor the first time. The Number of episodes and the duration of this is still unknown, while the series is due to air on July 11th.

P.S: the anime, produced by the animation studio Lerche (and the manga at the origin) is not only about music, another theme is approached, we let you discover it…

7/ Ride Your Wave (382 votes)

Hinako is a young student who came to live in a seaside town. During a fire, she is rescued by Minato, a firefighter passionate about surfing, just like her. The two characters are getting closer and closer but Minato dies during a solo surf session, leaving Hinako alone. Yet the girl refuses to let her friend go and clings to her memory. The director Masaaki Yuasa proposes here a fantastic romance with a very particular drawing. Just released today in Japan, no information has been given about a French release.

6/KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! (404 votes)

Kazuma Satō is a young teenager of 16 years old, sent to a parallel world after his death. There, he decides to assemble a team to confront the monsters that populate his new world. The movie, animated by J.C. Staff and which should be released on August 30, 2019, presents the 5th volume of this Light Novel written by Akatsuki Natsume

5/The King’s Avatar 2 (624 votes)

Small detour to China for this anime, The King’s Avatar is the adaptation of the novel Quan Zhi Gao Shou by Butterfly Blue tells the story of Ye Xiu, a professional player known to all on the gameGlory. After a series of events, Ye Xiu found himself banned from his team and forced to work in a cyber café. But when Glory announces a tenth server, the player decides to leave to regain his place at the top. Season 2 of the anime is therefore scheduled for July 2019, without further details, and will be animated by Colored-Pencil Animation Design.

4/ Dr. Stone (446 votes)

One day, a brilliant light suddenly appears in the sky, petrifying the entire humanityin a fraction of a second. Thousands of years later,Taijumanages to break through its stone shell and discover a world where humanity has disappeared. With his friendSenku, they decide to recreate civilization from scratch! Scheduled for next July 5th, the Dr. Stone series will see its 24 episodes animated by TMS Entertainment. An exit is also planned in France.

3/Weathering With You (747 votes)

After the huge success of Your Name, Makoto Shinkai returns with Weathring with You, his new animated film. The director, considered the successor of Hayao Miyazaki, presents here a new film where romance and fantasy are mixed. In a world where the weather no longer follows any logic,Hodaka Morishima, a young boy freshly landed from a small Japanese island, meetsHina Amano, a young Tokyo native who can communicate with the sky and make the sun shine.

The film is scheduled for July 19 in Japan and has not yet been announced in France.

2/From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World (770 votes)

Nagumo Hajime is an ordinary student who has no ambition in life. When his class is teleported to a parallel world to save a country, everyone is offered a prestigious job and incredible faculties . All except Hajime, who is Synergist, in other words, he is the craftsman of group

While exploring in a dungeon, he falls into the depths of a crevasse, who knows how he will come out of it… The series, based on the novel by Chuuni Suki, is scheduled for July 8,.

1/DanMachi Season 2 (1078 votes)

After the death of his grandfather, Bell Cranel has only one idea in mind, to become a famous adventurer! To do so, he will have to overcome Orario’s terrible Labyrinthine Keep. Orario is a universe shaped from the legends and mythologies of the world. In his adventure, he will be able to count on the presence of his protective goddess, Hestia. 

The series, inspired by Fujino’s light novels Ōmori, should be released on July 12th.

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