10 challenges to compete in Week- 8 of Skye’s Adventure. Find all about the season 2

Fortnite’s most popular game is now live with Skye’s adventure. Eventually he reached chapter two, the second season in week eight. New tasks are updated weekly. It’s based on the Battle Pass Agent. Every week, on Thursdays, new calls come in.

Finally, in week 8 the last part of Skye’s Adventure Challenge was released. These calls are now live and available for the games.


Fortnite is an online adventure game designed by Epic Games It was first published in 2017. Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most popular games, which has attracted 125 million viewers in the year of its launch.

Picture : Epic Games

In week 8 there are 10 assignments that you have to do in order to qualify for the 2nd semester. part of the Heavenly Adventure. 40000XP will be awarded for participation in each contest.

Here are the ten phone calls you’re about to see:-

  • Searching for coffins in monuments (10)
  • The end of SMG players at a distance of up to 15 metres (3)
  • Hit 5 risk points at harvesting (3).
  • Cruise on the Choppa river under the purple, red and blue steel bridges (1).
  • Light a campfire, grab a table apple, eat a table mushroom (1).
  • Shark crossing and visit the desk in the same game (1).
  • main shot with the gun to the player or accomplice (10)
  •  Scan the sword in a high found stone (5).
  • Blocking Damage to the Royal Man (200)
  • Airbag jump in different sets (3)

The most important thing is that at the end of your 18th year you have the possibility to test, you have the possibility to choose a new skin option. The style will be open to challenge during the fight. This object is not available to other editors.

Ghost Style and Shadow Style are two exceptional styles given to agents facing challenges. To win one of these styles, you have to solve a certain problem. To obtain the Shadow mode, you need to search and find Ollie the Shadow in the Cow Forest.

The problems are totally new and deserve to be solved. Grab your game consoles and try to beat the game.

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