10+ best sandbox software to protect your PC against malware

When it comes to the safety and security of your PC, sandbox software might be a good idea. It is specially useful for malware protection because it prevents programs from running without explicit consent or approval.

The “sandboxie” is a software that allows users to create a sandbox on their computer. This means the user can run programs in an isolated environment, so they cannot affect the rest of the computer. The sandboxie is one of the best tools for protecting your PC against malware.

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29th of December, 2021

Publish date: July 2020

  • If you want to run or test a potentially harmful program that looks suspicious or harms your PC, you’ll need sophisticated sandbox software.
  • Although some antiviruses and browsers offer runtime environments to confine objects that pose a hazard to your operating system, malware is often hidden.
  • We recommend adopting a specialist application that protects against phishing, malware, and identity theft to prevent a disastrous scenario.
  • We’ll go through the best sandbox software for running new operating systems alongside the main one in this article, so make sure you read it all.


Malicious malware may create a variety of issues, which is why many users depend on antivirus software to keep their computers safe.

In certain rare circumstances, though, your antivirus software isn’t enough to stop the infection from spreading.

If you’re afraid that a certain program or file is harmful, sandbox software should allow you to execute it securely.

Sandboxing is a security feature that isolates potentially harmful apps to prevent them from harming your computer.

Many apps, such as web browsers, already operate in a sandbox mode with restricted permissions, protecting you from dangerous websites and individuals.

As you can see, sandboxing isn’t a new feature, and if you’re using Google Chrome, you’re already running an app in one.

Virtual machines that can run whole operating systems alongside the primary OS are the greatest sandboxing applications.

How do I choose the greatest sandbox program?

You may utilize many wonderful third-party sandbox programs to build your own sandbox environment and run potentially harmful applications without risk by using them.

If you know precisely what you’re searching for, the table below will address some of the most often asked questions about the items on our list:

  • Is it possible to get it for free?
  • Is your antivirus software compatible with the sandbox software?
  • Is there a virtual sandbox created by the tool?
  • Is it possible to recover your system after utilizing a sandbox?
  • Is it capable of isolating harmful files while in use?
  • Is it possible to utilize it to test new apps?
  a score (1 to 5) Free/Paid Taking use of HDD space Compatibility with antivirus software Restart the computer. Isolation of Temporary Files
Avast Internet Security is a software program that protects your computer from the 4.5 Paid No Yes Yes Yes
Malwarebytes 4.5 Paid Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet Security by Kaspersky 4 Paid Yes Yes No No
Any.Run 4 Paid No Yes No N/A
VMware Workstation 16 is a virtualization software that allows you to run 5 Free Yes Yes Yes N/A
Internet Security by Comodo 5 Free No No Yes Yes
Cameyo 5 Free No No N/A N/A
Virtual Enigma Box 5 Free No No No No
Freeze Time 4.5 Free No No Yes No
Sandbox in the shade 4.5 Free Yes N/A N/A Yes
Sandboxie 4 Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Defender of the Shadows 4 Free Yes Yes Yes Yes


Avast Internet Security is another antivirus program with built-in sandbox capability. You may use the sandbox functionality to execute suspicious files in a safe environment without damaging your PC.

This program will encrypt your data and protect you against bogus websites in addition to sandboxing.

The program not only scans spam emails, but it also has an antivirus program built in that can detect and eradicate security risks.

The Activity Shield function in Avast Internet Security analyzes app behavior in real time. This feature will notify you if an app attempts to execute any questionable actions.

The antivirus also has a Wi-Fi Inspector tool that detects any potential weaknesses in your router and local network.

In fact, Avast has a SafeZone specialized browser that ensures complete security during online transactions.

Let’s take a brief look at some of its important features:

  • Firewall built-in, allowing you to quickly block programs from accessing the Internet.
  • Wi-Fi Inspector is a function that checks your router to determine whether it’s insecure.
  • Using the Browser Cleanup function, you may get rid of unwanted toolbars, add-ons, and extensions.
  • A password manager is built-in to keep your login information secure from hackers.
  • Real Site is a function that detects bogus websites.
  • SafeZone Browser is a browser that adds additional protection to your online experience.

When you’re surfing, you’ll always be safe since you’ll be notified if you’re visiting a phony website that looks like the genuine thing, stopping you from disclosing your credentials.



With Avast’s premier digital security bundle, you can get real-time protection.


Malwarebytes doesn’t require an introduction; its name precedes it simply because it finds (and efficiently removes) malware when standard antiviruses fail.

This is what sandboxing is all about: it creates a safe environment for harmful software to run in, which is something that a traditional antivirus can’t do.

Malwarebytes provides you with the peace of mind you need by actively deploying a triple-layered next-generation anti-malware protection solution to keep trojans, rootkits, spyware, and worms, as well as bots and rogues, at away.

The current version of the antivirus uses 50% less CPU resources during a scan, and you won’t be distracted by any notifications or updates thanks to a feature called Play Mode.

It may also delete possibly harmful apps that are slowing down your system, in addition to the sandboxing and defensive functions.

Furthermore, the program features a very basic interface that anybody, regardless of their technical expertise, can comprehend and use.

Let’s take a brief look at some of its important features:

  • Anti-ransomware protection for sophisticated ransomware infestations
  • Removes all malware from your computer.
  • Performance is unaffected (removing potentially unwanted programs or PUPs)
  • The UI is simple to use and very adaptable.
  • Simple controls allow you to easily tweak your security.
  • Multiple security levels, including real-time protection
  • Scans of your device that are quick and thorough (scans viruses faster and cleans malware infections)

Even the most complex developing threats will be defeated by this tool’s strong AI-powered detection technology, which instantly detects, isolates, and removes malware.



When it comes to your security, there is no place for compromise. Choose the finest sandboxing software available!


Internet Security by Kaspersky is an alternate program that can isolate any security threats. This utility, as its name implies, manages the internet connection and security to a large extent.

First and foremost, this deal ensures high-quality services such as free VPN, safe conversations, online purchase protection, and even camera security from prying eyes. As a result, surfing the web will no longer be risky.

A system like this provides comprehensive protection against malware and harmful infections like botnets and rogues. When you use this tool, you can significantly enhance the sandbox environment.

Furthermore, anybody may benefit from security against data theft strategies used by hackers, such as keylogging. As a result, utilizing specialist software to obtain network security is highly advised.

Kaspersky offers two-way firewall protection, multi-device payment protection, and high-security app lock, for example. All of this is to keep any potential dangers away from you.

Other high-tech security technologies also safeguard you against harmful websites or software that includes dangerous viruses.

Let’s take a brief look at some of its important features:

  • Any threats are instantly neutralized.
  • Cyberthreat protection in real time
  • Online anonymity with a VPN
  • Banking and buying activity are protected.
  • Wi-Fi network security at home
  • Anti-phishing and network security software
  • On the go security dashboard

Finally, this application might be an important option for protecting your PC system from a variety of internet dangers. It’s also accessible on a variety of devices and provides comprehensive security solutions.


Kaspersky Internet Security

Using powerful software like Kaspersky, you can protect yourself and your family in any situation.


Any.run is a fantastic online service that offers cloud-based sandboxing and extensive malware analysis to safeguard everyone online.

This program is a virus hunter that can display real-time web risks and provide interactive access to rapidly safeguard your PC.

As a result, you may use it to evaluate your files or program and monitor processes. Network monitoring, a threat intelligence platform, and real-time interactions are some of the other features.

Furthermore, the usefulness of Any.run lies in its full analysis of potentially dangerous files, as well as the ability for the user to see and alter them if necessary.

It may also monitor your activity and look for new processes, dangerous files, or URLs that might damage your computer. All of this is done in real time to assist you in making decisions throughout job execution.

Let’s take a brief look at some of its important features:

  • Interactive access through the cloud
  • Detection of new malware that is effective
  • Reports with video or screenshots are simple to post.
  • When compared to automated sandboxes, our service is faster.
  • There is a large research community.

Another fantastic service is the threat intelligence platform, which was developed by a group of academics. As a result, these researchers from many nations help to providing early warnings about new viruses, protecting millions of people.

Obtain Any.run


If you’re seeking for sandbox software, VMware Workstation 16 is a good option. This program enables you to run a different operating system alongside your existing one.

As a consequence, changes in the virtual environment will have no effect on your computer. As a result, these programs are ideal for evaluating possibly hazardous software.

It also supports snapshots, enabling you to quickly and easily restore your virtual environment to its former condition.

Although this program is highly helpful, it does take some setup and hardware power to function effectively, so if you don’t have adequate hardware power, you should probably avoid it.

You can’t launch a virtual machine with the same amount of RAM as the actual memory available since your system would crash.

So, in addition to sandboxing programs and surfing, you can also sandbox a whole system and test it securely.

Let’s have a look at the greatest features of this tool:

  • Play games and applications that need DirectX 11 on Windows.
  • Install Kubernetes environments on your computer
  • Hyper-V mode in Windows is supported.
  • Interface in dark mode
  • The UI is simple to use and welcoming.
  • VM size has been increased to 32 vCPU, 128GB RAM, and 8GB VRAM.

VMware Workstation 16 is very useful if you want to install Windows 11 and test it without any negative consequences.

VMware Workstation 16 is available for download.


Comodo Internet Security is an antivirus program that also has sandboxing capabilities. Your system will be protected from unknown and new dangers thanks to them.

Unknown files will be isolated in a sandbox environment, avoiding any harm to your computer.

Other programs, apps, or data on your PC will not be affected by isolated files. In addition to questionable files, you may always run particular apps in sandbox mode to improve the security of your PC.

This program also has a built-in firewall that prevents some apps from accessing the Internet. Antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit capabilities are included to provide optimal security.

Comodo Internet Security can also protect you against bot assaults and keep your essential system files secure from infection due to the Defense+ function.

A Memory Firewall functionality is also available, which protects you from buffer overflow threats. There’s also a robust anti-malware function that will stop dangerous programs in their tracks.

It’s also worth noting that it’s available in three different variants. All of the aforementioned features, as well as the sandbox, are available in the free version.

If you don’t already have antivirus software, Comodo Internet Security may be ideal. It should keep your PC safe at all times thanks to a built-in sandbox function.

Comodo Internet Security is a good option.


Cameyo is another tool that enables you to execute software without installing it in a secure environment.

All of your virtual applications will operate in a separate virtual environment from your operating system. As a consequence, they will have no effect on your computer.

This program will virtualize a complete application and save it as a standalone.exe file. This enables you to use the program without having to install it on your computer.

Furthermore, you may upload your app to Cameyo cloud servers and run it from any HTML5 browser.

If you want to show off your program to other users, this is the way to go. You may also use a USB flash drive to execute your software if necessary.

It’s also worth noting that this utility makes it simple to execute Windows apps on any other platform.

Cameyo is a good sandbox program, and the basic Personal edition is available for free. If you want access to more sophisticated capabilities, you should consider purchasing the Enterprise or Developer package.

Obtain Cameyo


Enigma Virtual Box is another tool that can generate virtualized apps and execute them in a sandbox environment.

This utility lets you combine all of the files associated with a certain application into a single file. You may virtualize any file with the program, which supports a broad variety of file formats.

All of your virtualized files and programs will operate in a separate sandbox environment, unaffected by the rest of your system. Because the program does not save any files to your hard drive, the emulation is done in process memory.

It also enables for the virtualization and compression of any files. The overall size of an application will be greatly reduced as a result of this.

Another advantage is that you may use this application to register ActiveX/COM components without having administrator credentials.

Although Enigma Virtual Box isn’t the greatest sandbox software on our list, it is entirely free, so you should give it a go.

Enigma Virtual Box may be downloaded here.


If you wish to safeguard your computer against dangerous software, ToolWiz’s Time Freeze utility is a good option. The program offers a Time Freeze option that will sandbox your whole system.

Any modifications you make to your system will not be stored as a result. However, if you want to make permanent modifications, you may add files to the exclusion list.

You don’t need to establish an isolated zone since your complete system can function as a sandbox thanks to this functionality.

You may use this program to construct a virtual world from your computer. This means you can run all of your installed programs in a virtual environment while keeping your system frozen and malware-free.

As a consequence, while Time Freeze is operating, your system will be fully malware-free. You may run numerous operating systems at the same time using this utility.

Real and virtual systems are both supported, and you may quickly switch between them without restarting your computer.

By simply restarting your computer, Time Freeze enables you to effortlessly restore your system and undo any modifications. You don’t have to worry about any harm to your computer since any downloaded files may be erased.

It’s a good sandbox program, as you would assume, but you have to stop scheduled defragmentation and Windows backup before you can use it.

In terms of compatibility, this utility should work on all versions of Windows and is absolutely free, so if you’re looking for a basic sandbox software solution, we propose Time Freeze.

Obtain Time Freeze


Shade Sandbox is another sandbox program that you may find handy. This tool is ideal for new and unknown threats since it generates a sandbox environment.

You may access questionable websites with this program without concern of harmful people or software. Because of the application’s easy interface, even novice users should be able to utilize it.

It’s worth noting that this program is entirely compatible with other security products, so you’ll have no problems.

Shade Sandbox will keep your operating system malware-free by isolating malware or any other hazardous program within the sandbox environment.

You can also drag and drop a program into the dedicated Shade Sandbox to add it to the sandbox environment.

All of your data, including history, cookies, and temporary files, are kept in a sandbox environment, which means they can’t harm your operating system.

This ensures that your registry and system files are always free of viruses and harmful software.

Shade Sandbox is an excellent sandbox program, and its easy user interface makes it ideal for novice users looking to improve their security.

We should point out that this program is absolutely free for personal use, so if it seems appealing, we suggest downloading and installing Shade Sandbox.

Shade Sandbox is a game that allows you to play in the shade.


Sandboxie is one of the most well-known sandbox programs. This program will construct a sandbox on your hard drive that you may utilize as needed.

This region is segregated from your other files, so even if you run a dangerous program within it, it will not spread to your PC and make modifications to it.

This program protects your web browser and prevents harmful malware from infecting your machine.

You may run your email client in sandbox mode to safeguard your device from harmful attachments, in addition to your web browser.

This tool also prevents websites and apps from accessing your data, ensuring that your computer is always safe.

Sandboxie is also useful for testing new apps. If you’re worried about a particular program causing system-wide modifications, you can always run it in Sandboxie.

Both traditional Windows operating systems and Windows 10 are supported by the program. All major browsers are supported, as well as 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

It’s also rather light, so it should run well on any PC. Sandboxie is a fantastic sandbox program that will keep you safe from rogue apps and other hazards.

We should point you that this program is not free, however you can get a free trial version.

Obtain Sandboxie


Shadow Defender is a fantastic sandbox program that you should look at. This is a basic program that may safeguard your computer against harmful software and alterations.

This program allows you to operate your PC in Shadow Mode, which allows you to make system modifications exclusively in a virtual environment. As a consequence, these modifications will have no effect on your operating system.

It’s ideal if your PC is infected with malicious software or alterations that you don’t want. Simply restart your computer to repair the issue and return your system to a previous state.

You may choose which files and folders will be kept permanently if you like. The restoration procedure will have no effect on these files, and all modifications will be preserved.

Shadow Defender can protect you against a variety of harmful programs while still allowing you to access the web safely.

Furthermore, you may test any program in a secure environment, ensuring that your computer is not harmed.

Shadow Defender is an excellent sandbox program, however it is not free. Download the free trial version of this program if you wish to give it a try.

Obtain Shadow Defender.

Best recommendations for getting started with sandbox software

The primary purpose of sandboxing is to safeguard your system from any hazards that may be present.

Simultaneously, you may utilize sandboxing platforms to test experimental features or programs without risking your main system’s integrity.

Here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your sandbox:

As many resources as feasible should be allocated.

Because virtual machines can replicate whole operating systems alongside yours, they are the most advanced sandboxes, but they also consume the most resources from your actual system.

The key to getting the maximum performance out of your virtual machine is to assign as many resources as possible, but you can’t make it utilize all of them.

For example, if your system has 8 GB of physical memory, you can only provide your virtual machine 7 GB. That is why, in order to operate a virtual machine, you must have a strong setup.


For example, VMware suggests running the virtual machine using 6.1 GB of RAM out of an available 8 GB.

Before attempting anything new, always sandbox.

Always back up your data and utilize a sandboxing program if you wish to run an app or a process that you don’t know what effects it will have on your system.

You’ll notice that several of the programs on our list also generate instances of your systems that you may restore in the most expedient method, allowing you to undo anything you’ve done since then.

Place any questionable files in quarantine.

Have you ever received a file from an unknown sender in an e-mail? We always advise against opening or executing a file before confirming that it is safe to do so.

If you don’t want to employ third-party applications, you may use Windows 10’s sandboxing feature instead.

At the same time, if you have an antivirus with sandboxing capabilities, you may still use that function to open it and see precisely what it’s about without risking your computer’s security.


In our list, you’ll discover a few antiviruses with sandboxing capabilities, such as Avast’s (seen in the picture above), so keep them in mind if you’re easily sidetracked and open such files.

We hope that our selection of the top sandboxing apps provided you with enough choices to choose the right one for you.

If you prefer or have tried any other methods, please share them in the comments section below.

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