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Many GTA 5 players have taken the time to create their own custom mods and skins. These are just a compiled list of some of the best out there, detailing features such as weather effects, new vehicles, weapons and more. Check it out below!

GTA 5 is a game that has been around for quite some time now and there are tons of mods and skins available. This article will list the 10 best Genshin Impact Mods & Skins For GTA 5. Read more in detail here: gta San Andreas Genshin Impact mod.

Los Santos in GTA 5 and Teyvat in Genshin Impact are similar in many ways.

Both games have a large open area, hostile groups attempting to bring you down, and a ton of bloodshed, but I will acknowledge there are important differences between the Los Santos Police and the Fatui.

Any character from Genshin Impact may be picked up and dropped off in Los Santos; they will quickly adjust.

There are several modifications available to incorporate the charm and characters of Genshin Impact into GTA5.

Let’s examine some of the greatest, then.


Genshin Impact Loading Screen No. 10

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One of the easiest & less invasive ways of getting some Genshin Impact into your hyper-violent street crime simulator is with the Genshin Impact Loading Screen pack.

Every time you visit a loading screen with this adorable little add-on, a new Genshin Impact character will appear. Since it functions just like a standard loading screen, it is animated.

If your character is an anime fan or if you’re using the following mod, it’s the ideal complement to your game.


Play as Keqing 9.

Play as Keqing / GTA5 Mod

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Keqing is a badass electro-powered fencer who can move through the air quicker than the Fourth Hokage. She will now be blitzing Los Santos.

This lilac-colored beauty is anticipated to be a figure of authority as the Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing.

She must exemplify virtues like assiduity, honesty, and honor that are essential to a flourishing community.

Keqing always remembers this in Liyue, but in Los Santos, she’ll let her propensity for revolution rule. If your efforts to transform society without violence are unsuccessful, maybe an assault rifle will.

Don’t worry if standard guns aren’t your thing.

In Los Santos, Keqing may still use her Electro Vision. There will be much devastation and a thunderstorm.


Nissan GTR with the KeQing Livery

Nissan GTR with KeQing Livery / GTA5 Mod

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You will want some quick wheels that can keep up with your teleporting now that you are spreading havoc on Los Santos with Keqing.

Even though the Nissan GTR is a stunning vehicle on its own, this modification stands out for its chic Genshin Impact livery with Keqing and lilac color scheme.

It’s nothing new for racing vehicles to be covered with adorable anime heroines.

The “Itasha” practice has been present since the beginning of the new millennium and has been expanding.

It may not be a good idea to convert your 2021 Honda Civic to an Itasha, but there is no harm in playing around with it in GTAV.


7. Use Raiden Shogun to play

Play as Raiden Shogun / GTA5 Mod

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Raiden Shogun, the current Electro Archon watching over Inazuma, is yet another excellent Electro character that must be included in your GTAV.

To the best of her ability, the Shogun of Inazuma uses the power of thunder to defend her country.

The Raiden Shogun is simply a puppet, while the real Archon spends her time in meditation, which many people are unaware of.

The time for meditation has now passed.

There is a police barrier outside your home, and the LSPD will not budge no matter how much shogunate power is used. Show them what the god of thunder can accomplish!


Mistsplitter Reforged, no. 6

Mistsplitter Reforged / GTA5 Mod

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Mistsplitter Reforged could offer you the advantage you need to frighten Los Santos if you discover that either Keqing or the Raiden Shogun are encountering greater difficulties with law enforcement than you had expected.

The purple-glowing edge of this strong blade, which was made using the age-old methods of Inazuman blacksmiths, indicates that it contains the power of Electro.

A pretty anime girl with a brilliant purple sword would undoubtedly scare police officers in any universe, in my opinion.

If they continue to mistreat you, Let some fireworks fly now.


5. BMW M3 (E92) with Ningguang & Zhongli Livery

BMW M3 (E92) with Ningguang & Zhongli Livery / GTA5 Mod

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Zhongli or Ningguang skins for GTA 5 have not yet been created.

But you may use a BMW M3 Itasha to express your admiration for these shining examples of Liyue society.

It seems obvious that these two, who are crucial to Liyue’s continued existence as we know it, would be utilized to promote the city through endorsing racing teams.

Since Ningguang and Zhongli both have geovisions, the livery will display the geopower emblem. Geo is also represented by the colors brown and yellow.


4. BMW M4 with the livery of Three Heroines

BMW M4 with Three Heroine Livery / GTA5 Mod

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Zhongli and Ningguang could be well-known.

But they can’t match the gorgeous women shown on this BMW M4’s livery, which is inspired by the Genshin Impact

The automobile is mostly painted in the hues of red, blue, and purple.

Each one symbolizes a Genshin Impact heroine and the element to which her Vision belongs:

  • Klee’s Pyro stands for red.
  • Blue is produced by Qiqi’s Cryo.
  • Keqing also adds purple to the mix.

Cute anime females watching you from every aspect are one of the few things that will confuse your criminal adversaries or chasing law enforcement, and the BMW M4 will provide you the power you need for a speedy escape.


Play as Hu Tao.

Play as Hu Tao / GTA5 Mod

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Due to her distinctive attitude and appealing appearance, Hu Tao is presently one of the most well-liked Genshin Impact characters

Hu Tao’s distinct personality contrasts sharply with her position as director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, which is what makes her such an intriguing figure.

Hu Tao is used to the scent of smoke during a fight since she is a Pyro heroine.

With powerful weapons like a minigun or some Molotov bombs, she’d be fantastic.

Going on a shooting rampage is the best way to boost the funeral industry.


2. Take on Lumine (Female MC)

Play as Lumine (Female MC) / GTA5 Mod

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The female lead character of Genshin Impact is the biggest badass there is.

Anything does not frighten Lumine.

She just awoke one day on a coast with a faerie with an odd name following her about; but, instead of freaking out like the typical human would have, she simply accepted it.

Lumine makes those around her feel inspired everywhere she goes.

Once people come to know her, even her adversaries adore and appreciate her. It presumably has something to do with the fact that she can use a variety of components to destroy anybody.

If you don’t believe me, check out the Anemo and Geo skills in this mod. I have no reason to doubt that she would keep kicking ass in Los Santos.

The LSPD won’t recognize what struck them.


Play as Klee in 1.

Play as Klee / GTA5 Mod

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The most badass in genshin impact could be Lumine.

But when it comes to wilful devastation, Klee reigns supreme.

This adorable little elf girl may seem to be a fairy on the surface, but inside she’s more like an endlessly loaded grenade launcher.

Even though Klee is unable to use her flaming Pyro abilities in Los Santos, she doesn’t seem to care.

Her appetite for fire and explosives, not her abilities, is what makes her so deadly.

She’ll handle everything you throw at her and look lovely while doing it, so arm her with a rocket launcher, some C4, and maybe a few grenades.

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