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The PlayStation is a console with a rich history of games that are still loved and played to this day. This list includes some of the best open-world and free roam games on the PS1.

The free open world games are the best way to play a game that is both free and allows for an open-world experience. These games provide a lot of freedom, but they also have their downsides.

Every big-budget AAA game nowadays seems to be set in an open world.

We live in an era of immersion, when developers create realistic worlds in which we may immerse ourselves and forget about our problems.

To explore gorgeous virtual environments, though, you don’t need a monstrous gaming machine or a ninth-generation console.

Developers explored the waters as far back as the first PlayStation, creating worlds as vast and exciting to explore as the technology would allow.

Take a trip with me through the awe-inspiring worlds of early PlayStation open-world games.


10. Urban Disturbance (2000)

Urban Chaos is a little-known yet ambitious action-adventure game in which you play as a freshly recruited Union City POLICE OFFICER

The game takes place in various metropolitan locations over 24 main levels and four bonus levels, where you’ll have to defend the law and shoot down criminal groups.

It’s also crucial to manage the public’s image of your police.

Police violence is frowned upon, while arresting your adversaries wins you respect from the general public.


9. The Sun’s Tail (1997)

Tail of the Sun (1997) PSX screenshot

Artdink’s Tail of the Sun, which puts you in charge of a caveman exploring a vast island for resources, is one of the most inventive PlayStation games.

You just have to worry about keeping alive at first by collecting food, hunting animals, and resting on occasion.

The more food you discover, the better off your tribe will be – and maybe you’ll be able to construct something unique.

The seeming absence of objectives or direction is something Tail of the Sun has in common with contemporary open-world sandboxes. Sure, there’s a goal, but you’ll have to find it out by experimenting and surviving until it’s obvious.


8. The Brickster’s Revenge (LEGO Island 2) (2001)

LEGO Island 2: The Brickster

Pepper Roni was delivering pizza all around LEGO Island long before Emmet Brickowski appeared on the big screen

Skate across huge LEGO landscapes in this family-friendly game.

Deliver pizzas in return for bricks to construct a new house at first, but the stakes rise when the Brickster breaks out from jail and begins demolishing buildings all across the island.

Pepper will take on the role of an unexpected hero, solving mini-game tasks and riddles in order to reconstruct the planet and reclaim the Constructopedia from the Brickster’s blocky grasp.


7. Kain’s Legacy: Soul Reaver (1999)

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver PSX gameplay screenshot

This follow-up to Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain is a gorgeous 3D Metroidvania that’s ideal for serious explorers.

Despite its vast settings, Legacy of Kain refuses to include a map, much like 2D Metroid and Castlevania games.

While inconvenient, it does push you to go further into the game in the hopes of memorizing the world’s layout.

Aside from that, this game stands out for its stunning visuals and spectacular, although basic, gameplay.

The gloomy gothic mood is also executed well.


6. Mysterious (1996)

Myst (1996) PSX screenshot

For the PlayStation, Myst offers a unique experience.

Cyan created the eerie yet gorgeous Island of Myst while other game makers were concerned with designing bright mascots and entertaining gameplay.

The majority of the game will be spent exploring the island and solving contextual puzzles.

There are also portals that will take you to other “Ages,” such as the Selenitic, Stoneship, Mechanical, and Channelwood, each with its own architecture and riddles.

This game doesn’t feel like it was published in 1995, thus it holds up for many reasons.

But, in the end, it has an indie appeal akin to contemporary “walking simulators” like The Witness (2016) or The Talos Principle, thanks to its strangely non-violent premise and non-traditional narrative (2014).


5. Riven: Myst’s Follow-Up (1997)

Riven: The Sequel to Myst (1997) PSX screenshot

Yes, “The Sequel to Myst” is the title of the game.

Aside from the odd naming practices, Riven maintains the Myst tradition with a large, beautiful environment to explore at your leisure, tackling puzzles and challenges along the way.

The narrative continues where Myst left off, with you traveling the realm of Riven to save your wife from your corrupt father, who is also to blame for Riven’s downfall.

I realize that calling a point-and-click visual adventure a “open-world” game is a stretch, but Riven has nothing on Fallout or current The Elder Scrolls titles in terms of exploration and immersion.


4. The Batman and Robin (1998)

Batman & Robin (1998) PSX screenshot

Fans of Batman who possess a PlayStation may play Batman & Robin, one of the most sophisticated Batman games released in the 1990s.

I used to believe that the Arkham games were the first to feature Batman in an open-world environment.

However, it turns out that in this hidden treasure, developer Probe Entertainment had previously done so.

You’ll go to the streets of Gotham as Batman, Robin, or Batgirl, each with their own crime-fighting vehicle. The people are fantastic, the vehicles are amazing, and the city isn’t half terrible.

The fact that everything in the city occurs on a set timetable, independent of your participation, adds to the immersion of Batman & Robin.

You’d better get started on that investigation, or you’ll miss a few of crimes!


3. The driver (1999)

Driver (1999) PSX screenshot

Driver is the game for you if you want to experience the freeing sensation of driving through a city with no concern for safety or driving rules.

Players may freely drive around four real-world cities – Miami, Los Angeles San Francisco and New York – in a variety of now-vintage automobiles in this very ambitious game.

They aren’t exactly accurate representations of the cities on a map, but I wasn’t expecting hyper-realism from a PlayStation game.

Tailing other cars, spooking the drivers, and executing takedowns on hazardous criminals are all missions.


2nd Driver (2000)

Driver 2 (2000) PSX screenshot

If you like the first Driver, you’ll enjoy the sequel, which includes the option to step out of the car and explore on foot, as well as the ability to switch cars on the fly.

This time, you’ll be driving around Chicago, Las Vegas Havana, and Rio de Janeiro all of which are much bigger than the settings from the first game.

The gameplay is essentially the same, but there are more missions to choose from.

The one area where Driver 2 fell short of its predecessor was in terms of originality.

If you like the previous game, you’ll enjoy this one as well, although it doesn’t provide much in the way of additional content.


SaGa Frontier 2 is the first game in the SaGa Frontier series (2000)

SaGa Frontier 2 PSX screenshot

There are vast overworlds to explore in many JRPGs.

However, SaGa Frontier 2 is the closest a PS1 JRPG has ever been to a true open world.

The non-linearity of your progress through the game is what sets this Square game unique.

You may take your time going around Sandail’s medieval fantasy realm and enjoying the narrative at your own leisure.

The game’s beautiful watercolor art style is also a highlight.

Every square inch of the map has a breathtaking scene, including woods, rocky mountains, and lakeside settings that you’ll want to frame and put on your wall.

If you’re still undecided, check out our in-depth review to discover what SaGa Frontier 2 has to offer.

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