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This article explores the ten worst weapons in Terraria, their pros and cons and why they all suck.

The “blowpipe terraria” is a weapon that can be found in the game Terraria. The blowpipe shoots a projectile and has a very high damage output. It’s not recommended to use this weapon unless you’re looking for an easy kill.

Terraria has a lot of weapons and stuff to gather, and you’ll almost certainly come across some weapons that are utterly bad. There are a lot of horrible weaponry in the game, and some of them might be entertaining to play with. So, what are the worst weapons in Terraria, you may wonder?

In this post, we’ll discuss our opinions on the top ten worst weapons in Terraria. Obviously, we’re basing our decisions on what we’ve observed in-game and what others have said about them. If you like any of these weapons, they’re still fairly poor, but they’re entertaining to use.

What are Terraria’s top ten worst weapons?

We’ll go through each of the ten weapons in detail and tell you where you can purchase them. We’ll also explain why each one is so horrible. Most of them are either weapons that people avoid or are just the worst weapons in the game, so if you do wind up with one, don’t use it as a regular weapon.

Here are Terraria’s top ten worst weapons:

Copper Shortsword No. 1


It is the first weapon you get when you create a character.

The Copper Shortsword is the game’s most vulnerable sword. It is the first weapon that most players discard after they have crafted a Wooden Broadsword. It’s a pity that the Copper Axe is better against foes than it is against you. If you attempt to utilize it, Good luck nevertheless, defeating anything with it takes a long time

2. Sparkling Wand


Regular Chests on the Surface or Underground are where you’ll find them.

The Wand of Sparking is an early-game magic weapon that may be obtained in normal Surface or Underground Chests. It shoots a piercing spark that travels 16 tiles in a parabolic arc before dissipating. It was one among the game’s weakest weapons, but the Journey’s End update improved it.

It’s now kind of helpful, and it’s a terrific early-game weapon, but it’s quite poor after that. If you do locate anything, be sure to sell it so it does not go to waste.

3. Slime Cannon


It comes as a drop from King Slime.

The Slime Gun is a one-of-a-kind weapon that does no harm. It auto-fires a slime arc that gives players, foes, and NPCs the Slime debuff, causing them to leak blue gunk for 30 seconds. It’s completely pointless since the debuff has no effect. It’s basically there to be a meme, and it’s great to mess about with before selling it.

4. Pistol (flintlock)


It may be purchased through the arms dealer

The Flintlock Pistol is a bullet-firing pistol. It has a quick attack speed and does 10 basic damage. It’s available through the Arms Dealer. There is no knockback from it. It is, without a doubt, the worst gun in the game. It’s useless for crafting, and it’s just a pea shooter. The damage is horrible, so don’t spend your money if you see it.

Blowpipe No. 5


Location: Wooden Chests at the surface or below may be discovered at random.

The Blowpipe is a ranged weapon that discharges Seeds and Darts automatically. When a player has a Blowpipe in their inventory, any flora growing on standard grass blocks has a chance of yielding Seeds.

This is a weapon that many people despise finding. It takes up a lot of room in your inventory and is by far the worst item in the game. If you enjoy it, that’s great, but we despise it. If you do obtain it, be sure to sell it so you can earn some money.

6. Sword made of pearlwood


Crafted in Hardmode using Pearlwood from the Hallow Biome.

The Pearlwood Sword is a variant of the Wooden Sword manufactured from Pearlwood found in The Hallow. Because the Hallow biome only appears when Hardmode is initiated, it can only be collected organically in Hardmode. It is the greatest sort of wooden sword, but it is also the most vulnerable Hardmode-exclusive weapon.

We’re not sure why the devs included this in the game, but it is. It’s essentially a beginner sword that you can only make after completing Hardmode. It’s essentially a meme weapon, and the way it was executed is rather amusing. It’s only feasible if you get one from a buddy when you initially start the game on a fresh character.

Harpoon is number seven.


Most foes drop it during a Goblin Army, with a probability of 1/200.

Harpoon is a one-of-a-kind pre-Hardmode ranged weapon. It auto-fires an arcing projectile that is chained to the player and returns when it reaches a maximum distance or impacts. Its dynamics are comparable to launched flails, albeit gravity has a significant impact.

It’s a nice weapon to have, but it’s not very effective, particularly if you’re on the verge of defeating the Wall of Flesh. It can be a good weapon to employ if the Goblins attack you early in the game. The main drawback is that, even early on, there are much superior weaponry to utilize.

Sandgun No. 8


Crafted in a Furnace using Illegal Gun Parts, 10 Antlion Mandibles, and 5 Topaz

The Sandgun is a ranged weapon that uses gravity-sensitive sand, pearlsand, ebonsand, or crimsand as ammo. When the sand projectile collides with an item, it forms a cluster of Sand Blocks that falls to the ground.

Because of its peculiarity, this is one of the most worthless firearms in the game. It blasts sand at you. Yes, since sand is everywhere, it seems to be a smart idea, but it creates a terrible mess. The sand falls wherever you discharge it, wreaking havoc on the landscape. It doesn’t inflict much damage, but it’s more of a toy gun than anything you’d use in combat.

Gatligator, number nine


It can only be acquired with 35 gold coins from the Traveling Merchant in Hardmode.

The Gatligator is a Hardmode gun that shoots at the same rate as the Megashark and has a 50% chance of not using ammunition. This weapon is very imprecise, scattering rounds in random directions across a 30 degree spread, making it tough to strike adversaries from afar.

Because of its inaccuracy, it is by far one of the worst firearms in the game. It’s nearly as awful as a flintlock, except it fires a little quicker. It’s not a bad gun if you know how to use it, but most people lack the patience to figure out how to use it.

10. Magnum Venus


It’s a short distance from Plantera.

When Musket Balls and Silver/Tungsten Bullets are fired from the Venus Magnum, they acquire the attributes of High-Velocity Bullets while retaining their original damage. Although it cannot be shot automatically, the Venus Magnum has a shorter usage time than other semiautomatic guns, enabling it to be fired manually at a comparable pace.

It is unquestionably one of the best weapons on the list, although it isn’t very effective against anything. Although some individuals like using it, the majority of Terraria players either sell it or store it in a chest where it will never be utilized.

Terraria is a video game that has been around for a while. The weapons in the game are very important, as they allow players to kill enemies and bosses more quickly and efficiently. But what are some of the absolute worst weapons in Terraria? Here’s a list of 10 Absolute Worst Weapons in Terraria!. Reference: how to get good weapons in terraria .

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